Sunday, November 30, 2008


Man, what an awesome weekend we had up in WA. The first night we got to hang w/ the Kopps. Next day we were totally spoiled w/ a great breakfast from Katie. Then we headed out to see Monkey Grandma (Justin McElderry's mom, and yes that is her real title). She loved on my kids which was great. She made the day special and made us feel like family. What a blessing she is. When we were there over the summer she let us sleep in the princess room. She made a canopy out of the four post bed. Well in the middle of that night I somehow broke one of the post and when she came in to check on the sound I was sitting there holding one of the post! All to say I couldn't leave this time without leaving another mark that I had arrived. I some how managed to trip on a curtain and pull the entire rod out of the wall! Yep.... total blond!
She made crafts with the kids, made them their own personal pumpkin pie, snuggled up for book reading, and let them dress the Christmas tree any which way they pleased (pictures to come in a later post).

Friday we left the kopps and headed to Jane and Tony Rodriguez's, who live in the Port Orchard part of WA. It was beautiful. There was no fog until Sunday so we had an amazing view of the space needle and downtown Seattle. We got to play with Cutie Pie their new addition to the family ( cute little golden retriever). Mak and Anna hit it off and Josiah was the general of the squad. Ezekiel followed them along... until he found the light saver. Then he some how determined that he now possessed all the power and authority... girls didn't dig that too much. But it was great to sit and talk w/ Jane and Tony for entire weekend. What great people! And if you don't know much about Jane's House--- the organization.... then let me know because I would love to fill you in on how this faithful organization is bringing God's love and truth to India. Amazing.

We sadly had to head back home to Portland today... apparently there is this thing called work and Jane and Ton had a lot of it waiting for them.

But we look forward to heading back that way for Anna's birthday party. Like I said Mak and Anna were like two peas in a pod.

What an awesome weekend.

As soon as we get the pictures down loaded then we'll have them posted!


Mary Uht said...

Port Orchard?!?!?! I have cousins in Port Orchard!

Glad you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing y'all later this month!

taylor h. said...

Hey! thanks for the comment!