Thursday, December 11, 2008

Home stretch

This has been finals week for Greg. As of Thursday afternoon after 4:00 he will be done with all his finals... he just has to show up to his last class on Friday. One semester down!!! Just 3 more to go. Time has gone by really fast. And actually for the most part have had a lot of fun up here in Portland. (Minus my two major break downs ... my husband knew I wasn't all there when he married me... he was warned).

Okay... Warning I'm going to talk about my husband for a bit. I mean it is a blog... and do get to barf that out ever once in a blue moon.

Greg has done an amazing job balancing school work, being a husband, being a father, making friends, finding a new church, and even some part time work for his dad. Of course we all had to figure out what that balance was actually going to look like. But Greg and I were willing to adjust and work at it. It has been amazing this semester to watch him pursue a deeper love for Christ and allow himself to be challenged. I thank God that His timing is perfect. He has prepared Greg for just this time. Though we look forward to answers of our great unknown future (always living in the land of hypothetical), we are truly content with where we are today. Don't get me wrong, there are tough moments, tough days, even tough weeks. But at the end of it we feel healthier and united.

Okay, I know - barf. But someone asked me what I loved about this semester and that was my answer.

Well, tomorrow afternoon we will kick off our Christmas break by heading up to WA once again to attend Anna Rodriguez's 5th birthday party. Then on Wed we head to CALIFORNIA!!!

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