Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How does one add a link to these things??!!!

So I apparently stink at adding links to a site , so if you know how to do it and can explain it to a blonde that would be great.



Mary Uht said...

Jen, here's the trick:

While you're writing your post, type away... then go back and highlight what word you want to click on. Next, click on the chain-link thing with the globe. A window will pop-up. Type in the url (starting with http://www.) And voila! you link to another site!

for example, let's say you want to link to my site.

You're typing away, and you want your reader to click on "Aunt Mary" and have them magically transported to my blog.

You highlight the words "Aunt Mary" and then click on the button that has the chain links with the globe. A popup window will appear. You type in http://www.heyyoulady.blogspot.com and click OK.

When you hit publish, you should be able to test it out by clicking on "Aunt Mary" and being transported to Mary on the Prairie.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work in comments on blogger.

Hope this helps.


Mary Uht said...

And that's from one blonde-in-recovery to another. (I do still have relapses though.)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Mary is on the right track! I had to be taught by Dawn! Thanks for taking the time to come visit us this last weekend, we miss you already!