Monday, November 17, 2008

Crazy days

So last night I was up until 1am due to the fact of my intense fabric cutting. Makayla and I are sewing 3 little lap blankets this year for Christmas gifts. We have finished one and are on our way with the second. Last night I cut all the fabric for the second one and decided while I was up I would finish recovering my fourth chair. Oh! for those that don't know .. We finally found a dining set on Craig's list. We have painted and recovered the set... Pictures to come.

As I enter into my Monday we are looking at me watching Aden from down the way today, then Mak's soccer practice, then back home so I can watch another child named Sarah, then lunch, then putting 3 kids down for naps so that I can do home school and sewing w/ Mak, and then later tonight some friends and myself plan on stealing a friend for her 30th birthday. SO crazy.Greg announced last night that he was going to the Library to study and wouldn't come out of the cave until dinner time. But I seriously can't complain about this kind of craziness. I love having my days be filled with people, especially my two kids. They are such a crack up. Makayla just walked down the stairs in the brightest combination of clothes! But she's happy and I'll now be able to tell which one is my kid on the soccer field.

Well, off to begin a day of productivity.


karen said...

oh boy do I remember those days! Just think, Mak is learning style! Morgan used to do that too! lap gets cold in my old age, better keep one of those blankets!
Love karen

Carrie said...

Missing you like crazy. Interested in seeing Nathaniel and Zeke actually play and talk to each other since by Christmas they should both be verbal enough to do so...when can you hang?