Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tea on Tuesdays

After taking some down time this past Christmas break, I came to the realization that I wasn't being intential with the women that are around me. So we kicked off this morning Tea on Tuesdays. Which will be held from 9-11am at my house. Women and their kids (if they have them) can come and hang out. It is an informal time for women to connect and encourage each other. Most of the women have husbands that are in school, are taking a course or two themselves, and doing some form of organized ministry. That means that it is sometimes hard to have the time to connect with each other. And with it being super cold... as in 27 degrees this morning... it makes it even harder to come out of our caves. I am really glad to that there will be a standing invitation for those that can to come and "just be" together. Three of my friends braved the cold and came and it was a nice time to catch up and drink some tea... or eat grapefruit (even two were brave enough to eat apple flaxseed muffins... they were really gross! Sorry ladies). So until next tea time.. they, their families, and their ministries will be in my prayers.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ready, Set , Study

Well.. on Monday Greg sets out to start his second semester here at Multnomah Seminary. He enjoyed last semester and is hoping he will this time around too. I, personally, am excited because I get to audit one of his classes w/ him on Tuesday nights (please be praying for a sitter to work out doing that time). Greg is also working on a portfolio photo book. Its his little baby at the moment (that's a good thing, its good to have things we enjoy). I also get the joy of joining a group called the Fuzzy slippers group (Thanks to Dawn Carter!!) via the Internet. I get to have fellowship w/ other women and intercessory prayer via tokbox, facebook, and reading the word on YouVersion. Yep, Jen is going to attempt the scary world of technology. And I get to join in on Cypress's class on missions w/ Bruce Camp (Thanks Justin for letting me crash that). And with the paints that Greg bought for me for Christmas I am planning once a week to sit down and doodle and splash some paint around. This is going to be a FUN semester.

The family went to a different church tonight. I was good. Ezekiel really enjoyed (that says a lot). He is so timid. He actually asked to go back to Church during the (long) drive home. Yep, I said it, it's a long drive. The reason we went to check it out is that one of the organizations Greg is looking to find a intern connection with is that they recommended this church because the head missions gal has been known as great resource to them. The teaching was on being a Risk Taker for God. Not the impulsive kind but a risk taker in the sense of willing to be challenged and stretched. Don't live a small life.

We are very excited about this new upcoming year. Who knows where we could be in the summer (maybe Rwanda, maybe Kenya, maybe both for Greg????). But we are ready to go.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tracking Health

I, Jen, have started a seperate blog site that is focused on Health. At the end of this year it was very clear that I have let my health ( and my rump) fall to the waste side. So for those that might be interested in the site, here it is:


It is a place for those that would like to get ideas, share ideas, recipes that work and DON't work, excerises that you like and Don't like, creative ideas to get kids active and eating all the healthy good stuff, add articles that cause us to think, and encouragements.

Look forward to seeing you there... hey, and if no body joins me at least I'll have a place to vent at the end of day.