Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ID: its important

Okay... there are those events that happen in life that can make it hard to like people. This week I got a phone call from Greg saying that he was on his way home and ... "oh, by the way, we got a Best Buy credit card bill and it was $3,000!". Which I responded ... " We don't have a best buy credit card and what do you mean $3,000????". Yep, our Identity had been hacked into. Someone from Minnisota opened an account and decided to treat themselves to some goodies... and they were gracious enough to let us pick up the bill. Greg is sorting it all out. All is going to be okay. But talk about giving us a heart attack!!!! I think I would have had to sell some blood to pay off that bill... and maybe donate something too.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trampoline Class

We have offically been intorduced to the "indoor" life up here in Portland. The kids are in their second week out of the four week trampoline class. There is one giant trampoline at the local community center. It has been a great way to get some of the energy out while dealing with the cold and rain. I take my two tumbling maniacs and the 18 month old that I nanny for on Tuesday mornings. Aden, the little boy I watch, desires to be part of the jumping fun. Makayla is doing great with the star jumping, the helicopter, and the spin (she has great form on the spin I see snow boarding in her future). And for Zeke its a success if He can get himself to the middle and Jump. He is much shyer than his sister so classes are much more about being social and learning how to have fun in a crowd. I am very proud of him every time he makes the effort. He enjoys it once he gets used to it (which is usually by the end of the class). I'm proud of both my kids for being who they are and at least being willing to try new things. Stay tuned for a video to come! Kids crack me up!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Aaron Christopher Grummons!

Aaron Christopher Grummons birthday is now and forever Feb. 13, 2009! Welcome little guy. Actually, big guy! He was 9 lbs and 15 ounces, at 22 " long!!!! Crazy. Pray for Carrie as she recovers from the C-Section. And Pray also for Sam as he was away during the birth. But congrats to the family of four!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

two wheeln' Mak

On Sundays, that is our day to celebrate the Sabbath. That involves a wonderful day of going to church together, then heading home and making lunch for the four of us, then having a glorious nap. Yep, that's right we all four take a nap. It is GLORIOUS! Then we get up and spend the rest of the day hanging with the family. It might be going for a hike, or to the park, or playing board games... just as long as it is just the four of us. Well today we decided to hang out around the house and Greg taught his daughter how to ride a bike w/out training wheels. ANd the verdict? She is simply amazing! So here is a little video of Daddy teaching his ever growing daughter how to conquer the talents of riding a two wheeler!