Tuesday, September 16, 2008

bro getting married!!!

So my little bro is getting married this coming Sat. It is crazy! We ( the weaver group) is super excited to fly home to be apart of the festivities. We are hoping to see Kathy (Greg's mom ) on thursday at some point since it will be her birthday. Then Sarah K has a birthday on Friday, then we all get to party on Saturday, then Sunday we get to go to Cypress Church and give some needed hugs, later hang out with family and friends, then sadly we load up on the plan on Monday and head back to reality.

I (Jen, the only one who really blogs on this thing) is now apart of a book club. We are reading The Love Languages of God. More on that another time. My awesome husband blessed me with a time out w/ my friend Liz. It was so great to hang out. She took me to a place called The Pied Cows. Which sells the BEST Chai tea ever! We were able to hang out on the patio and sit under a perfect cool night w/ a full moon. We then headed out to another spot called Bagdad and chatted it up until it closed. Wow, it is so great to have a friend to talk about life with. I enjoy Liz and her heart. Though it makes me miss some of my cali friends. There is something so intimate and special when we allow ourselves to be vuonerable and honest with each other. What a gem it is that God has allowed me to have a few of these people in my life.

Well hopefully I will be deligent to get the wedding and event photos up to share with the world. I am so proud of my brother.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Start asking questions

Our neighbors down the way, Sam and Trevor, are trying to teach their 7 yr. old son and 5 yr. old daughter to pray as if they were talking straight to Jesus' face and try to get away from repetitive prayer. That means just say whatever is on your mind. Letting them know they can ask questions. Well, the little prayers from their 5 yr. old is so genuine and sweet that it is actually convicting. She ask questions- to God while praying--such as "God, do you eat?"

Though at first it is tempting to smile and even give a little chuckle it somewhat pierces the heart. If I stop and think and be honest with myself, I realize that I come to ask request with an attitude of command. For example I would normally say something like, God I lift such and such to you. I ask that you do such and such.And of course I'll throw in some big flowery sentences and keep saying God's name during the prayer ( I guess, just in case He forget whom I was praying to?) But really what I'm saying is God do this. It usually does not sound like God, what is it that you have for this person? How would you like me to act today or when I met with this other person? How humbling a child's conversation is. How rude I must sound compared to the innocent child who simply ask God if He eats.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Crazy kids

Well I tried to upload some cool videos of the kids tonight... but after an hour of not being able to get it to work and wanting to throw our computer against a wall... I have calmly decided to not be so dramatic and just put up some photos of the kids and their new buds. I have not captured photos from all their buds but here is an introduction to some of their newest buds.

More pic's to come!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day of the Nasty's

Well... cold season has already hit here in Portland. Kids in the community have been hit with the snots and coughs. However, Mak today was a little off. When she went down for her nap she told me that her stomach hurt (If you are a parent you know where I'm going with this). Well after nap she came outside where I was gardening and let me know she was awake then she went and laid down on the couch. The next thing we heard was the scream that lets a parent know that something is not right. I got in there and she had thrown up all over our couch and the blanket she had cuddled up with. Poor little thing. By the time we got her to the doorway to finish throwing up outside , she was already done. So we got her cleaned up and pulled the couch covers off two of the cushions and started a wash. She did throw up one other time in the bathroom later. But thankfully she made it to where we had put a pot. Oh, but it gets better.

Her brother will not be out done by his older sister. It was getting time for bath and we smelled an all too familar smell from Zeke's diaper. Greg, Mak, and myself went upstairs to get the bath ready. When we called for Zeke he came upstairs with his hands in the air. He had his poop all over BOTH hands and we look at him closer. He had finger painted his manuer all over his shirt. To say the least, the other 3 of us started gagging and got him changed. I threw away that shirt. I didn't even want to deal with it! It will be remembered as the Day of the Nastys.