Saturday, May 10, 2008

Racen' Up- Zeke's Birthday

We celebrated Ezekiel's two year old party on Sunday May 4th at MapleGrove Park. It was a racen' good time as the kids got to play on the slides, swings and other climbing equipment. Nana made train cupcakes, which our little Zeke got a little shy blowing out his candles. But when it came to taking on the pinata he did not shy on bringing it down. Little ones got to decorate their goodie bags with cars and wheels. We are so blessed to have so many people love on our kids.

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Anonymous said...

What awesome birthday pics. so much fun & such great memories for Zeke.

I loved seeing pictures of all these little ones that we don't get to see grow up 'cause we live so far away.

From what I can see & read, you are doing a great job as a mom, Jennifer. Your love for them just oozes out... back surgery doesn't stop you.