Friday, May 9, 2008

Markings of Recovery

Well thank you to all that were praying for my surgery. It went great! Praise the Lord. Now I have this cool line on my back with staples holding me together. Makayla ca not still get her head around the idea of mom with staples in her. The kids are being great. This morning Mak climbed into bed and was super careful about not touching or leaning on me. It was so nice to have her just hang out with me. I am so appreciative of the beautiful children that God has allowed me to have. Warning..I'm about to gush over my husband. He is wonderful and makes me feel special and cared for. You always know that your spouse loves you but there are moments when we stop and realize that God has really teamed me with such a wonderful partner, friend, and husband.Okay, Gushing is now done.

As for my recovery I was able to get up and move around the hospital room the same day as of my surgery. Which is, of course, great. I enjoyed the sleep that I was able to get and appreciated the smiles that my vistors brought. The amazing Katie Kopp sent gorgeous flowers to my room. And Sarah K. brought a nice carmel apple covered in white chocolate- yummy! And Pete, Danny, Devonna, Pastor Mike, Brett, Josh, Mom, and of course Greg and the kids brought me smiles and laughter. Of course I have to say my big thank you to the McElderry 's who took my kids for a couple of days. It allowed me to get the rest I needed and I knew my kids were getting loved on. Wow, how blessed I am to have all these people take the time to make me feel so special.

Thank you for your letters, cards, emails and special meals! Thank you and make you enjoy today with new eyes and appreciation!


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