Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jar of Gratitude

I wrote this recently to a person who has done an amazing job of blogging about Thankfulness. I wrote to the author about a gift that I received from a dear friend. I wanted to share this only because it has been such a blessing to me and to the others that have participated in the Jar of Gratitude. Thank you Sarah K. for your inspiration that has inspired me to focus on God all year round. I am indebted to you more than you will ever understand. 
This is what I wrote: 
"As I was prepping my house for tomorrow morning (Thanksgiving 2010), I brought our jar to the kitchen table... This jar is the Jar of Gratitude. A dear friend made me this as a Christmas gift and has been a year of blessings that I have received from it. The whole family, even the kids, would write down a blessing or a thought of Praise and Thanksgiving. It has a year of answered prayers, a year of heartaches but reminders of how good God is, a year of scripture that the Holy Spirit used to encourage, to heal, to sharpen us with, and a year of growth for our family. Tomorrow as we gather around our morning breakfast we will go around and open the jar. We will read, or help a child to read them out loud... (some might be paraphrased for young ears). I am excited to be reminded about the grand wonderful things God did and also reminded how He faithfully met us in the small and day to day things. A funny thing happened with this jar. I started out using it all the time something good happened or something made me joyful. But somewhere along this journey I began writing in it when times were tough, were scary. Now don't get me wrong, I still talked with God. But it became this thing that no matter what was going on, God would bring to mind at least one thing to be joyful of. And somehow writing it out made me release the other stuff I was focusing." 

If you haven't a jar or notebook or bulletin board of thanksgiving, wouldn't Thanksgiving Day be a perfect day to start a visual praise and thanksgiving???