Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gianna Jessen... What is my life's sermon?

        This is the story of Gianna Jessen, and yet as she speaks, somehow it surpasses the issue of abortion or Pro-Choice. Yes, that is the umbrella she speaks under... but when listening to the video I hear the battle cry for all Christians to stand up and take ownership of their faith with God. 
         "... I did not survive so that I can make everyone comfortable". 

Not a people pleaser. There is a battle of life and death. And when you step back and examine your own life, which side do you really truly stand on? I am speaking beyond the issue of abortion. I am speaking and asking about the spiritual life? Are we apathetically walking through our faith and allowing the silent holocaust to continue on with our loved ones? What I am asking is what is your life story, or sermon?
         " ... I am hoping to be hated... not that I look forward to being hated but along my journey I know that I am already hated because I declare life..." 

Can I really say that? Do I really stand up in the morning and say today I will not compromise my God. Can I honestly say I will not be PC about the God of the universe? Speaking as a first class People Pleaser, I know I have staid silent too many times in the name of not wanting to offend. Not wanting to be 'judgmental'. But where is my line in the sand? Maybe the issue is not abortion or Pro-Choice, it could be another issue... the point being do I stand up? Do I speak a life of boldness of who my God is. A God of love, a God who has a purpose and creates purpose into his creation. At the end of the day am I willing to be hated, or do I make it all about me or you? 

My arrogance in thinking that I am in complete control. It is the mercy of God that sustains me. I do NOTHING in this life on my own power. 

Gianna touches on how she is weaker and yet it is I who crumbles. Look at this woman of God. Look at her strength! She has rooted herself firmly on the promises of God. It is clear that she has a living relationship with God. He is not merely knowledge or a distant thought. He is her Father. He is ACTIVELY moving in and through this amazing life called Gianna. And the mind blowing part... He desires to do this with all of us. Not so that we, ourselves, would be glorified, but so that His Glory may be known. I weep at the thought of how this God who created this universe, this world, this very being is patiently waiting for me to tell my sermon. My sermon of my GREAT MERCIFUL GOD. 

"We misunderstood how suffering works... God has a way of making the most miserable things beautiful". 

Men you are made for Greatness, for kindness, to defend what is right and good

Women you are made to know your value, to be fought for

Do you want to be obsessed with your own glory or to be obsessed with the Glory of God? 

Lord may I love you and stand for You with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind, and all my strength. God, write my sermon for YOUR Glory.