Monday, April 21, 2008

Fish Heads

We headed south to Sea World once again but this time we got to journey into the sea with Silly Grandma (Mary Uht) and Grandma Betty. It was such a great time of goofing around. We saw a dolphin show, saw Shamu and even got to feed the dolphins. I wish those pictures had turn out better. I was holding Zeke with one had and a camera with the other --but Mary got a good one that I'll have to scan into this site. It was great to go with Grandma. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I know all parents brag about how awesome their kids are- but you know, we have are moments of this or that, but over all my kids rock! They were so well behaved during the car ride and while we were there at the park. I am super blessed to have such a great family that I can relax and just hang out with.

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