Thursday, April 17, 2008

Book of Life

Praise the Lord!!!!

The beautiful woman pictured above is my grandmother Betty Uht. Let me take a moment to share with the world God's amazing love story. This past Nov. Grandma Betty moved into my parent's home due to the sad on set of dementia . Due to the unfortunate event that a facet got left on it became apparent that Betty needed to live with other people. God has been so wonderful in how He has surrounded Betty with love and great companionship. My father and Mary and the my two amazing sisters have lovingly taken in Betty and her cat, Dudley. Mary has taken care of Betty in ways that are simply beyond comprehension. She has diligently taken Betty to doctor's appointments, hair salon, nail salon, out to eat, church, church functions, taken care of the day to day care, and squeezed in a movie here and there. It is so sweet to see how God has placed people around Betty to show God's great love to her. They have been physical Christ to Betty. I know that it has made her feel very special.

On Sunday April 6th Betty woke up and got her best sweater on. Mary saw her in the hallway and asked Betty if she was going to church. The sermon that morning was on the True Jesus. After the service Betty turned to Mary and said that she believed everything the pastor said. The two of them tried to get to Pastor Bill but couldn't. The next morning I was over at their house and Mary mentioned how Betty responded to the message. Later that day Betty brought up church and the sermon. She mentioned how she believed the pastor. We got to talking and later she said that the hardest part is admitting that we have done wrong. Most days Betty is aware that her mind is slipping. So she made the comment that she wished someone could write her name down on a piece of paper so God could remember her when she does go on. We talked about how there is actually a book of names, in this case the Book of Life. And if a person has chosen to allow God into their life, if we admit that we have done wrong, and that Jesus is the Son of God who came, died, and rose again, that our very name is written down in that book. Her eyes filled with tears. She commented on what a big job God has and how could He be bothered with her. It was discussed how valuable she was. That God created her and knows how many hairs are on her head. He delights in her. After talking a bit more we then went over the ABC's. (Admit, Believe, Commit). She then bowed her head and said that she believed in Jesus, admitted that she had done wrong, and was committing the rest of her days to Jesus- and then added - "which aren't very many". If that wasn't enough to start the tears in my eyes, the following sent me over. You see Betty has a birthday book that she got from her mother-in-law when she first got married. It has decades of birth dates and as of late dates of when people pasted. This book that she holds is one of her most prized possessions. After she had finished praying she walked over to her book, opened it to April 7 and then proceeded to write the following: 2008, Betty- Christian. Even now tears fill in my eyes. Mary and my father willing to love Betty in such a deep way that it was Christ love that was displayed. These are the things that matter. Eternity. Everything seems to fade away. Praise the Lord for He alone is good. Thank God that He never stops pursuing us. Praise God that He desperately desires to be reunited with His creation. God is beyond comprehension- and I praise Him for that.

So for those that are praying for a loved one to be reunited with Christ- DON"T STOP PRAYING and DON"T STOP LOVING THEM!


Kevin said...

pretty cool Jen. pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

My eyes are filled with tears. I needed to read this. Thank you for the encouragement. I am so filled with joy at this news. Thank you, God, for loving Betty.

Carrie said...

Huge huge huge hugs to you and your family for being able to see your precious grandmother make the best decision of her life. I'm so glad you got to be a part of that.