Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rockn' Out with Mom (Nana)

This past Friday, Jan 18, I got the privilege to rock out with my mother at a concert. Disney has a partnership with Yamaha corporations. Yamaha holds their annual convention here at Disney. At the end of the week each year they throw a huge concert for the company with huge headliners. Mother invited me for a date night and I jumped at it. It featured John Legend, Jamie Cullum, Jon Anderson (from the YES), Sara Bareilles, Gabe Dixon, and Isaac Slade (The Frey). It was more than awesome! I was 10 rows back in the center with a fantastic view. The set up was such that the performing artist played the piano and sang while the Yamaha Band and Orchestra rocked out with them. It was such an amazing night. But oh, it didn't stop there. Every year the company has a surprise guest. And this year it was...drum roll please.... STEVIE WONDER!!!!! I don't care who you are, and if you like Mr Wonder or not, this man is a Legend!!! He was so humble, and yet his presence was overwhelming. I instantly became this psyched out teenager screaming that there is Stevie Wonder!!! I was laughing, here I am 27 years old and I'm screaming at man that came into the industry before I was learning my ABC's. He started off his set by saying, " I always start off every time by first wanting to thank my God, Lord and Savior for allowing me to share the talents that He has graciously allowed me to have". He then lifted his hand towards the band and orchestra and thanked them for allowing him to play with them and that they were his special guest. He immediately had this spirit of servant hood. During one of his songs he started off on the keyboards and then moved over on a bench to play the piano next to him without skipping a beat! Which is impressive if you can see let alone if you can't. It was night that I will not forget. It was so very special!!!! Oh and to top it off as we were leaving the concert Stevie Wonder and his family were looking for a restaurant at the Grand Hotel to eat, but everything had closed for the night. My mother was able to find a chef for Napa Rose and asked him to reopen for Mr. Wonder and family (15 members). The family stayed for 2 hours and sang together with no instruments!!! How cool!


Mary Uht said...

"I'm screaming at man that came into the industry while I was learning my ABC's."

Jen, you're not THAT old...

He was breaking into the industry when "I" was learning my ABC's

Marcy said...

heard about this and that is sooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!