Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"...because I'm a woman".

Okay, so last night Mak, Zeke, and mama were playing in the Land of Mak (pretend world that lives inside my daughter's brain which only she really understands). And we were off to the Beach, also known as our living room. Now you have to understand Mak was not Mak, her name was Eli and she was the mom of her daughter named Makayla. Ezekiel's name was Micah. Which for the poor boy, didn't understand why his sister was spouting off commands to this unknown character named Micah. When daddy sat down to join in the fun, he tried asking way too logical questions for who was related to who. This is the following conversations (well most of it at least):
Greg: So who are you?
Mak: I'm Eli
Greg: and where is Makayla?
Mak: Makayla is sick and so she is sleeping. She's my daughter.
Greg: And who is he? (pointing to a little boy following his big sister)
Mak: That's Micah. My son. My baby.
Greg: And who am I? 
Mak: My husband
Greg: Wait, I'm married to you? Then who is she?
Mak: Jennifer, only Jennifer
Greg: How old is Makayla?
Mak: 4
Greg: And how old are you?
Mak: 4
Greg: So you are the same age as your daughter Makayla?
Mak: Yep!
Greg: And who is the boss of you?
Mak: (and without skipping a beat) No one, because I'm a woman.

All to say I have no idea how in the world she ever got that idea! It sent us laughing out loud. I love my kids and sure love how their little minds work...even if it is a complete mystery to me. 


karen said...

I love reading about the kids, it takes me back a few years!

Anonymous said...

Way cool! Can I visit Makland?
;-) Joy

Kate said...

Couldn't have said it better myself!

And let's be honest...you have no idea where your lovely daughter could have learned that?

Josh_Uht said...

Wow, my niece is a true muller woman. Sorry Greg.

Mary Uht said...

Oh, to be four again.......

Marcy said...

and this is why mak is my FAVORITE woman ever.