Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New bedroom...well sort of

Hope you all had a great Christmas! Greg and I were blessed w/ some money this Christmas. Most of it was put aside to help w/ the up coming baby. However, I had been dying to get the kids real bedding for a couple of years now. Mak, being 5 1/2 now, had been blessed with a hand-me-down flower bedding when she was 18 months old, and also a wonderful flannel blanket that her Nana had made her. However, when we moved we to Portland, we realized that the bedding had many holes in it and decided it was time to let it go. We have been using the wonderful blanket and some Good Will sheets for the past 1 1/2 yrs. Zeke had been still using his "Car's" crib blanket and some random flannel blankets. So, w/ a little extra cash I decided to treat the kids to some bedding.

The kids got to pick them out... w/ some stipulations. No character blankets. Not because I'm anti-disney or some other company. I just know that kids go through phases, such as which Princess, or Boy character the like at the time. These had to be sets that would last some time. I was very happy w/ how well the kids did. And w/ having mix genders sharing a room, I thought I was doomed to have the room look like color and pattern barfed all over the place. But I think they did great. Here are some photos to show their choices. It makes me happy that they were able to chose and express themselves. Also notice in the pictures some shelving over the dressers (which Mak had painted w/ me about 2 years ago). My studly husband put those up for them. I had had one of those plywood shoe shelves in my closet. It broke about 6 months ago and I had figured out a way to keep it in somewhat workable condition, until this past week when it finally gave out for good. Greg reused the materials and found a great use for them. Love the savings on that! Oh, and after doing some research on pricing for bedding, I found a great deal at Target! For one set: comforter, sheets, and pillow case= $64. Compared to $179 for one set.

Very happy kids, and very happy mommy!

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