Monday, August 31, 2009

Kenya - Part 1

I know... I'm lame. I'm now finally sitting down to recap my summer and here it is Greg's first day back at Multnomah... meaning the fall semester has officially kicked off.

Justin and Suzanne McElderry along with Greg and myself left for Kenya in June. We had the amazing privilege of teaming alongside the Harrels and their students and friends.

We were able to see what Rich and Kathy do on a day to day basis but also we were able to see what the alumni from Moffat Bible College are doing (This is where Rich and Kathy teach). They have such a sweet spirit about them and are great examples of how to cultivate a real relationship with those that are native to the land.

We were able to go to an Orphanage for abandon babies, (some have HIV/AIDS). This was mostly to get an idea of what some people are doing in the country. It was an encouragement to see how God is caring for the children in that area. The workers were amazing.

Then Greg got the privilege of speaking at the first service at a church. He was so nervous. But he did really well. Justin was then able to preach at the second church and though it was a different style it was neat to see that God uses different methods to teach and mold His flocks.

Then on Monday and Tues Suzanne and I had the amazing privilege of teaching in a flower community called Casaroni. Pastor Charles is an amazing worker who has sacrificed greatly to love. He is loving His community beyond a Sunday morning message, but he is out there involved in the schools, ministering to those in the medical clinic, starting a feeding center, starting a preschool, starting a high school. He also makes appoint to go into the community and to sit and be with the people. He challenged me more than anyone has ever challenged me. Suzanne did an outstanding job on designing curriculum for jr. highers and for the high schoolers. No doubt that that is her gifting.

We were than able to see a couple of classes at the Moffat Bible College. And partake in the AIDS ministry that was happening at the Elementry school level.

We were able to go to a prison and be with men and women. It was great to see the hope that some had because they knew they belonged to the Lord. I will talk more about this in another blog.

Coming home is always the hard part. Not wanting to forget. Not wanting to be unchanged. Not wanting to let this become a vacation. Wanting my heart to change. Wanting my relationship w/ Christ to be deeper. Wanting my family to operate differently because of what God allowed Greg and I to see, hear, feel, experience.

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