Monday, June 15, 2009

Gearing Up

Well, the team leaves tomorrow night (8:55pm) from LAX. As bags are being repacked (been in Cal for almost a week now) and getting the last minute items... my heart is getting saddened by the idea of leaving my little ones behind. I woke up early (well at 7:30... that's early when my kids have been either sleeping in or Nana has been caring for them in the morning)... and continue to try to help out w/ lesson planning... (P.S. for those that don't know it Suzanne is amazing at how she balances all that she does!).

Right now, daddy is sitting w/ the little ones watching a movie. We played in the pool this afternoon for HOURS!!! So, it is nice that Greg is getting some down time too w/ the kids. Man, I love those little ones.

Please be praying for unity w/ the team. that we would be one minded in Christ Jesus and working together. Help us to yield to one another and allow each other to have clear communication. Help us to listen to those that have the experience and knowledge in Kenya. May we be an encouragement and help to the Harrell's and students we will be working with. May the time in the homes be everything that God desires it to be. May we accept the hospitality and give appresiation for that the families will be sacrificing. May the Gospel of Christ be clear and may we give and show the whole Gospel. And pretty please be praying for our little ones. The McElderry's have 3 kids ( Eliana 6, Vivian 4, and Cael 22 months). We have Makayla (4), and Ezekiel (3). Pray for their hearts and their care givers.

Thank you to all that have supported us one way or another... God used you to bring in over the requested amount for the trip, which will now allow us to bless those in Kenya even more than what we thought possible. Thank you. Thank you for those that are praying... we need it!! Keep praying.

We love you all and can't wait to come back and share what God is doing in that part of Kenya.

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I am praying.