Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flat Stanley came to visit

Eli McElderry sent us her friend Flat Stanley for a week. Stanley was designed as part of a school project where he gets to go and be an exchange student for a bit. We were glad to have the extra company. The timing was perfect because then he was able to travel with us to the Oregon Coast (Rockaway). He was able to see the farms during the drive out there. Makayla read books to him, while Zeke sang songs and almost ripped him in half while running about the lodge. (some of the photos if you look closely you can spot Stanley).

Greg's Grad class went on a retreat at the end of the semester. The family was allowed to tag along and it was great fun to be had. We were able to play on the beautiful Oregon sand, have a bonfire, play with friends, take the kids out on a rowboat, kids went for a bike ride, and even a visit to the Tillamook factory (amazing Ice cream! and the list of options is endless). In all seriousness I felt so blessed that God allowed this vacation at the end of a packed semester. How great is our God?! I can get so caught up in how little my love is for God, that I forget to swim in the greatness of God's love! Praise God His love never fails. Praise Him who pursues us endlessly.

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