Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ID: its important

Okay... there are those events that happen in life that can make it hard to like people. This week I got a phone call from Greg saying that he was on his way home and ... "oh, by the way, we got a Best Buy credit card bill and it was $3,000!". Which I responded ... " We don't have a best buy credit card and what do you mean $3,000????". Yep, our Identity had been hacked into. Someone from Minnisota opened an account and decided to treat themselves to some goodies... and they were gracious enough to let us pick up the bill. Greg is sorting it all out. All is going to be okay. But talk about giving us a heart attack!!!! I think I would have had to sell some blood to pay off that bill... and maybe donate something too.


Carrie said...

Oh that sucks! I'm sorry that you have to deal with that. I hope they catch the creep who did it!

Mary from the Prairie said...

A few suggestions: File a police report to document the identity theft. Even though there might not be any resolution from local law enforcement, you will have documentation that an incident happened, and may be helpful in clearing up the mess. You and Greg might also get a copy of your credit reports. And as crazy as it sounds, see if you can get a credit report on Mak and Zeke too.