Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SOOOO behind!

Okay so I'm a slacker! It has been a bit crazy here and May,June, and now July has just flown by. So let me catch you up really quick. There will be some key photos on this blog and some picture blogs that will follow.

May 21- Mak finished up her first year in Awana
May 24- Katie Kopp got here PHD! As many of you already knew
May 30- Desire'e - my baby sister turned 13!
May 31-June 6 Greg took a summer course up in Portland for the week
June 6-8 Greg visited the Kopps in WA
June 6 was Mak's last day of Preschool--- what a big girl!
June 7- Cousin Corbin turned 5
June 16-20 The four Weavers went to Yosemite with Joe,Mary, Grandma Betty, Janelle, Desiree, Josh, and Johanna.
June 21- Greg's cousin Tim was married
June 22- I had dinner with Greg and the Kugleburgs. Then went back to my mother's and Greg had thrown together a surprise dessert time. Along with some special help from some friends
June 23-29 Music Camp at Cypress Church. Mak loved this program- Sermon on the Mound!
July 4- Greg's favorite holiday--FIREWORKS!!!
July 8- Greg's birthday. Went to some photo galleries in Santa Monica, walked the pier, then saw a Comic & Magic show in Hermosa Beach
July 7-10 Greg helped his aunt and uncle move into their new wonderful home.
July 11- San Diego Wild Animal Park -- So fun yet so very hot!
July 12 Went to Rach and Chris' wedding
July 13- Saw Wallie with the kids and threw Mak a dress up party for her buds
July 14- Jen had a crazy run around with kids day
July 15- We went to Disneyland and had breakfast with the princess' and stayed at the park until closing. What a birthday for Makayla. It was also her Silly Grandma's birthday ( Mary Uht)
July 16- Went to the Pagent of the Masters
July 17- A great day at the beach
July 18- Went to Sea World to see the shows at night. Way cool!
July 19- Was able to help participate in a bridal shower for my future sister in law, Johanna. It was the McElderry's anniversary! Then went to the stickn' Rose resturant with Danny and Sarah. It was soooo good. Garlic Heaven!
July 20- Jen was able to steal away and get her hair done and bought a dress for her brother's wedding.
July 21-25 Mak and Corbin go to VBS- Power Lab.
July 21 - Suzanne McElderry enjoys another birthday!!! Had dinner with a high school friend Gina Sulme. Went to Greg's softball game and then played cards with the soon to be Uht's and Kug.
July 22- Joe and Mary celebrated 19 years of marriage! Very cool! Sarah came over and helped me pack for the big move. Grandma Betty, Desiree, Mak, Zeke, and myself went and saw the movie Kit Kittridge. It was so adorable! Then to Red Robin for dinner.

And the week just keeps on going.

Well that is more than enough info for those that have been asking. But like I said, we've been a little crazy. And we are still talking to each other. Amazing!

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