Thursday, March 20, 2008

Family time--Death Valley

We had an opportunity this past Thursday through Saturday to get away to Death Valley for some much needed family time. There was no cell phone reception, no Internet, no work, and just tons of hiking and fun times to be had. It was so beautiful. God gave us 2 kids that love hiking, which excites both Greg and myself. So our pictures will be divided up into two sections. One blog slide show are the family shots and the other will be focused on the scenery.

During our hikes Mak looked for cool rocks and then we searched for the perfect area to bury our "treasures". It was a blast. She had so many rocks in her pockets that it literally almost busted open. It was great to see the kids enjoy the simple things.

The first day we went to the Sand Dunes. Greg showed the kids the joy of jumping from the top of the Dunes and sliding down. It was so much fun. Zeke kept stopping to dump all the sand out of his shoes. When we first got there neither of the kids were excited about walking. So, we had to figure out some games and get the fun started. It was great when the light when on for them that this could be fun and just go for it. The time ended up being full of laughter and hoorays. It reminded me of my own attitudes. At times I can be so focused on what I don't want to do, other than just finding the fun in whatever I'm asked to do. Kind of sad that a child's attitude reminds me of my own when I'm 27 yrs. old. Think I would be further along on the maturity journey.

Greg and I enjoyed slowing down and being simple. We both get so caught up in all the "projects" that we are involved in that we sort of forget to live. It was perfect before a week of Easter festivities at our church. Though the events at church are awesome and get to attend and help--it was nice to have some down time to remember what this time is all about. Praise the Lord that He allows us to join Him in life. There is so much that could be written about this vacation time--but the point really is- my life is blessed and I love my family- and God is so awesome!

Next big camping trip will be in June to Yosemite. We are looking forward to 5 days playing up in the mountains.


Marcy said...

those pictures are beautiful! i love your family.

Anonymous said...

I miss those "simple times" with my kids! I'm so glad you guys are making those memories!

karen said...

that anonymous was karen w. I pushed the wrong button!!

Mr11 said...

Your family is too awesome. These pics make me want to cry cuz I miss you :(.

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE these pictures. Just think, your kids will carry these memories around forever.

You are such an inspiration. I see a mom who genuinely enjoys her kids' company and the wonder they bring to the world.

Thanks for the reminder.