Tuesday, February 5, 2008

3 + 2 = Buds for life!

We get the joy of hanging out with the McElderry Trio every week. The trio consist of Eliana (Eli), Vivian (Vivi), and Cael (Cael boy). They are a crack up! Mak and Zeke have grown up with these guys, almost like honorary cousins. Just thought I would show off the buds enjoying another random day of play at the weavers. Dress up is one of the favorite pass time--even for Zeke. And as the first photo shows, Zeke loves having someone to take care of. A week ago, Cael was sitting in his chair and Zeke brought his toy cars over to Cael and played for 30 minutes showing Cael how to move the cars around. It was sooo cute! And the girls...their imagination never ends. Between playing "mommy", or "princesses" or "school" ( sometimes all three together) there is a lot of laughter.

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